Caring for & Living with Dementia: Tips & Resources



Hi, my name is Susan. My passion is in health promotion and in creating a happy and healthy society! ( I am a nurse by training but I have not put on a nursing uniform for decades.) My late-grandparents lived with dementia in their last years. My dear mum who is in her 70s has recently being diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. Luckily, it’s only MCI for now, nothing close to dementia yet. Except for being a little more forgetful than her peers (which she often laughs it off), she is still very independent, mobile and healthy. Yes, a good sense of humour is necessary in the years to come!

OMG! I am at HIGH risk for dementia! (Breathe, breathe, breathe…)

Back then (with my late-grandparents), we were not so well-informed about dementia care even though I am a trained nurse. After their death, I began to do extensive research, read up and collaborate with colleagues in the field of dementia care. Since then, I become a strong advocate of living meaningful and happy lives even for people with dementia! Sure, life is full of surprises, ups and downs, especially so for people with dementia and their loved ones. You will never know what you may wake up to tomorrow! But it is still POSSIBLE to lead meaningful and happy lives based on existing strengths.

Here at, I will be sharing some useful tips and resources (available in Singapore) to make living with dementia and caring for loved ones with dementia easier for me and you as we journey on life, uncovering the surprises life presents us for the years to come. Through my sharings, I want to empower and inspire you to join me in my cause to create a society where people with dementia can use their existing strengths to pursue meaningful and happy lives. Be part of our community, feel free to share your thoughts and resources here at!

Click here to drop me a line if the information / resources about dementia and caregiving that you are looking for aren’t found here; and together we will find them! That’s my promise to you.